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Message from the Chancellor

100 years is more than a lifetime for most of us, but in the life of a university, UCLA is one of the youngest top-tier institutions anywhere. We have accomplished so much in our first century, fueled by a spirit of innovation and inclusion.

Higher education and research have always been enterprises of inspiration. One third of our students, inspired by the idea of becoming first-generation college graduates, realized their parents’ dream of creating a better life for the next generation. Many of our faculty, inspired by the promise of their research, have forged ahead to achieve breakthroughs that impact our lives for the better. As we celebrate our centennial, these are the accomplishments that truly inspire and propel us into our second century.

A public institution in every sense of the word, UCLA has always been about contributing, challenging and connecting in ways that serve the world and particularly Los Angeles, the diverse and vibrant city that has helped define who we are.

Our celebration launches with a series of exciting events on May 18 that you can learn more about here. But that’s just the beginning. Throughout the year, a series of initiatives will redefine and expand our commitment to equity and service, highlighting UCLA’s libraries and art museums. We will also be planning events and celebrations in a few key cities around the country and the world. I hope you can join us as we commemorate this milestone.

This is the start of a new era for our university. The institutions that truly endure are those that inspire and impact the world in meaningful, lasting ways. What we accomplish over the next 100 years will someday position another chancellor to lead UCLA boldly into our third century. I cannot begin to imagine what that moment will be like, but I am confident that our legacy of outstanding research, education and service will continue to enrich and elevate people across our community and around the world.


Gene D. Block