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A woman in a patterned dress and glasses is receiving an award from a bald man in a suit. There are men in suits standing behind them. There are photographers in front of them.

Though it is first awarded in 1969, it takes 40 years for a woman to be granted a Nobel Prize in Economics. Dr. Elinor Ostrom, a native Angeleno, holds three degrees from UCLA: a B.A., an M.A. and a PhD, all in political science. Dr. Ostrom research disproved an idea long assumed by economists: Natural resources collectively used by users will be over-exploited and destroyed. By conducting studies on how people in local communities manage shared natural resources, she showed that when natural resources are jointly used by their users, rules are established for how these are to be cared for and used in a way that is both economically and ecologically sustainable.
Three nurses pose for a photo

The Regents of the University of California authorize establishment of the School of Nursing as one of the professional schools of the UCLA Centers for the Health Sciences. The first baccalaureate program begins in 1950 with eight students, and five part-time and five full-time masters students join by the Fall of 1951. Under the guidance of Provost Clarence Dykstra, the School of Nursing grows quickly.
Hundreds of students on a courtyard in front of a building. They appear to be walking in between classes.

UCLA's student population quickly outpaces the capacity of its home on Vermont Avenue. In search of a campus to accommodate over 6,000 students, 600 Lab School (then University Elementary School) attendees, and 250 educators, the Regents consider 17 locations ranging from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Angelenos come together to ensure the university stays in Los Angeles.
Sepia tone photo of Albert Einstein surrounded by several men and women as he walks away from a building with two archways. Einstein is in a trench coat and the man in front of him is wearing a hat and a tie.

The corridors of Royce Hall are graced by innumerable brilliant minds over its storied life, one of the most notable being Albert Einstein, who delivers a lecture about his Theory of Relativity there in February of 1932.
Poster of how the UCLA Bruins' mascot has evolved over the years. It shows a version of the Bruin bear from 1919, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and today.

In 1924, students adopt the term 'Grizzlies' as the university monicker. Two years later, a new mascot is adopted to avoid a conflict with the NCAA and the University of Montana Grizzlies. The Regents rename the Southern Branch to University of California at Los Angeles.
Large university building in front of a lawn and trees lined with pathways

The Los Angeles State Normal School moves in 1914 from downtown to a new campus on Vermont Avenue, the present-day site of Los Angeles City College, to accomodate a growing student body. Soon after, the Southern Branch of the University of California is established on May 23, 1919, when Governor William D. Stephens signs Assembly Bill 626, which transfers the Los Angeles State Normal School to the University of California. The passage of the bill marks the culmination of an effort by Regent Edward A. Dickson, State Normal School President Ernest Carroll Moore, and others to establish a state university in Los Angeles.
A woman types on a laptop computer

UCLA students dream up and host the first ever LA Hacks, an annual hackathon that brings together more than 1,000 students from universities around the world to build something new in the span of 36 hours. Encouraging innovation, creation and collaboration, LA Hacks will host its 8th annual event in 2020.
an ariel view of the UCLA medical center

Setting the pace as medical pioneers, UCLA Medical Center becomes the first hospital to perform open heart surgery in the Western United States. The decades that follow continue the tradition of trailblazing in the scientific community.
Black and white image of a large sign on a float that says "WELCOME ALUMNI FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD" with two children. two buildings, and a mountain with a sun above the float. You can see one of the wheels underneath the float.

As a way to connect all of UCLA's former students, the Alumni Association is founded.