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What are usually grass covered lawns in front of the central university brick building are covered in snow

Due to a rare bout of cold weather, UCLA students take to tossing snowballs on campus after the “Big Snow” of Jan. 15. Faculty and the community alike join in the impromptu celebration, causing some well-intentioned mischief that wouldn't soon be forgotten.
Hundreds of students on a courtyard in front of a building. They appear to be walking in between classes.

UCLA's student population quickly outpaces the capacity of its home on Vermont Avenue. In search of a campus to accommodate over 6,000 students, 600 Lab School (then University Elementary School) attendees, and 250 educators, the Regents consider 17 locations ranging from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Angelenos come together to ensure the university stays in Los Angeles.
Three women walk down a series of steps lined by men in military uniform

The streets of Westwood Village are lined with students, alumni, professors, and community members as the first Homecoming parade establishes traditions that are revered and added to for years to come.
A group of people unload bags and boxes from a vehicle

After the first four buildings on campus are completed, excitement mounts for more than 5,500 students as UCLA begins its move to Westwood over Memorial Day weekend.
A group of men in caps and gowns pose for a group photo

In a ceremony attracting prominent members of the academic community from around the globe, the UCLA Regents formally dedicate the campus in March of 1930 in the name of the people of California. Over 5,000 students, alumni, and representatives from 161 American universities attend the dedication, which takes place over 2 days. It's a significant stride toward UCLA's independence from the Berkeley campus.
Sepia tone photo of Albert Einstein surrounded by several men and women as he walks away from a building with two archways. Einstein is in a trench coat and the man in front of him is wearing a hat and a tie.

The corridors of Royce Hall are graced by innumerable brilliant minds over its storied life, one of the most notable being Albert Einstein, who delivers a lecture about his Theory of Relativity there in February of 1932.
Poster of how the UCLA Bruins' mascot has evolved over the years. It shows a version of the Bruin bear from 1919, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and today.

In 1924, students adopt the term 'Grizzlies' as the university monicker. Two years later, a new mascot is adopted to avoid a conflict with the NCAA and the University of Montana Grizzlies. The Regents rename the Southern Branch to University of California at Los Angeles.
A group of men stand before a large boulder. One stands right by it, stretching his arm to touch it.

In October, Governor Friend Richardson, the Regents, and other university leaders, along with students, gather to celebrate the selection of Westwood as the home of UCLA. The occasion is marked with the installation of Founders' Rock, a 75-ton boulder, which is hauled from Perris Valley in time for the campus site dedication.

UCLA partners with the Los Angeles Unified School District to open the UCLA Community School in the Koreatown-Pico Union in September 2009. The school is one of the first pilot schools in the city and offers dual-language programs. It welcomes 360 students from kindergarten to 5th grade from primarily Korean- and Spanish-speaking families. Over the years expands, and its first class graduates high school in 2014. The school boasts above average graduation and college acceptance rates, and 96% of its 2014 graduates plan to attend college the following year.
A group of UCLA students are wearing blue and yellow UCLA shirts on a bus. They are all smiling.

The enthusiasm for UCLA's first Volunteer Day in 2009 gives life to the UCLA Volunteer Center in September 2009. Originally a day for 4,000 students to participate in one of eight service projects, Volunteer Day has grown to be the largest service project for university students in the United States. Today's service projects involve more than 8,000 students and faculty members and the impact is spread across the entire city of Los Angeles.
Satellite orbits planet Earth as the Sun rises over the horizon

UCLA's Electron Losses and Fields Investigation (ELFIN) mission is a space weather mission using three scientific instruments in a 3U+ CubeSat form factor. The first of its type, ELFIN has provided for breakthroughs in our understanding of relativistic "killer" electrons through pitch angle resolved energetic particle measurements. Additionally, ELFIN-L, launched in 2016 is a collaboration between UCLA and Moscow State University.
A hospital building and its front drop off area

UCLA reopens the hospital in a brand new 10-story building, rebranding it as the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. It's equipped with state of the art equipment and is designed to help patients heal more effectively.
an ariel view of the UCLA medical center

In July of 1955, the UCLA Medical Center opens its doors after two years of construction and welcomes Frederic Stoetzel, the first patient to undergo surgery at the new facility. The Medical Center is designed with the future of medicine in mind, according to the dean of the medical school, Dr. Stafford Warren, who tells the Los Angeles Times, "we have had to plan it for 50 years ahead of time."